Semalt: Importance To Remove The Google Analytics Tracking Codes From A Website

Max Bell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, says that when it comes to blocking Google Analytics during the local testing for static and non-static sites, we can find a lot of suggestions, tools, tricks, and tips. Most often, we are asked to either filter it through IP ranges or introduce unique conditional codes to the engines powering the websites.

Let me here tell you that the original and most authentic method to get your Google Analytics settled is by redirecting the requests to the official website of Google Analytics. It would definitely work on all desktops and mobile devices, but the process means nothing when we test on iPhones and other Wi-Fi-powered devices. The setups for local testing are to use the dev domains for your local directories and projects, and then look for the updated versions of your site to get it prepared for both mobile devices and laptops. For this purpose, I mostly use jailbreaking codes and the host files of iPhones without any filters. I also tried Xip and Adobe Shadow. With it, I could not filter the IP ranges because I was doing that process at home. Plus, my ISPs don't provide any static address for a residential account.

I have tried to set up custom exclude and custom include filters a number of times on my Google Analytics. This ensures that my profile gets quality traffic and organic views from multiple domains. I also have setup the custom filters based on my hostnames, and they match the patterns of my Google Analytics in a better way. Technically speaking, it would be difficult for us to look for the hostnames of the original domains in the beginning. However, once you have made the appropriate changes, you can get the desired results easily. Shortly after removing the Google Analytics tracking codes from my website during the backup process and adding them back again, I could see that my filters are working correctly and the end results are wonderful.

Exclude your own visits from Google Analytics

It won't be easy to exclude your own visits from Google Analytics until you have made the appropriate changes. Doing so can affect the quality of traffic and statistics of your website. Even in the early stage of a site's development, you will not receive a large number of views even when you have done the search engine optimization. There are different ways to prevent your own hits from being tracked by Google Analytics. Each and every method has its own pros and cons, so it would be easy for you to choose the right one based on your requirements. Server side or backend methods are the most amazing and favorable methods. Their implementation will take some time, but the end results are always great. For this, you would have to insert the Google Analytics tracking code on your website's HTML code and then return to your server to create some suitable filters. Another method is Google Analytics filtering that lets you exclude your own visits and adjust the parameters of your site according to the IP addresses. This method will fix most of your IP related problems and can get you quality traffic.

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